Table of definitions


Biobanks are defined as collections of samples of human bodily substances that are or can be associated with personal data and information on their donors. Biobanks for nutrigenomics research have a twofold characterthe following features,: as collections of both samples and data having the following characteristics:

  • The sample collection has a population basis.
  • The sample collection was established or had been converted to a sample collection in order to supply biological material for multiple research projects.
  • Associated individual data exists which may include or be generated by the possibility to link to genealogical, medical and life style data bases.
  • Individual data may be up-dated regularly.
  • Biological material is received, processed and stored in an organized manner.
  • it is established, or has been converted, to supply biological materials or data derived there for multiple future research projects;
  • it contains biological materials and associated personal data, which may include or be linked to genealogical, medical and life style data and which may be regularly updated;
  • it receives and supplies materials in an organised manner.

Relevant documents

[ 50 ] Recommendation Rec(2006)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on research on biological materials of human origin
[ 3 ] Biobanks for research