Workshop Report

Published by the British Journal of Nutrition (2006), 95, 1024-1027


As part of its work on setting standards and establishing guidelines for nutrigenomics research, the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) is developing bioethical guidelines for those engaged in human nutrigenomics studies. A NuGO working group developed a set of draft guidelines addressing four areas namely

  1. information and consenting prior to a nutrigenomics study,
  2. the generation and use of genotype information,
  3. the establishment and maintenance of biobanks and
  4. the exchange of samples and data.
NuGO convened a Workshop with a panel of invited external experts to assess the draft guidelines. The panel of experts confirmed that these areas are important and that the development of specific bioethical guidelines for nutrigenomics research would therefore enhance the application of established international guidelines in this field of biomedical research.

Workshop Report (PDF)